East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Where I come from

Where I come from is East Los Angeles.

When I walk around my community, there is a lot of tagging and that really gets me upset because we need to take care of the community for future generations. As I hear that car being robbed and tagged, it makes me want to be someone who can help the community like a police officer.

My father always tells me to follow my dreams, but he doesn’t believe this one is a good one since I am a female. Many people say that if you come from East L.A., then you will become a nobody. Hearing such offensive comments makes me determined to show them that the people from our community will have the same opportunity as do people in higher social classes.

We get discriminated since we come from low-income families but all we are trying to do is help out our family get out of this economic situation. So, once I have become what I want to be, I will give to my community.

I would love to see people from different races come together and share their own personal dreams but not only share them, but actually making them a reality. There are more positives than negatives, thus making it a safe place to grow up in.