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Why college football players should be paid

College football players finally winning some cash! “That’s outrageous” they said, but it’ll get there believe that.

College football players finally deserve to get paid as they are the true people who are drawing the fans in. When there is the huge football game on television being announced who are people focusing on? The players, because I sure know it’s not the coaches!

There are many reasons that players deserve to earn some cash, some of those reasons are learning to be responsible, being smarter, and well, in reality, get what they deserve.

One of the reasons for a college football player to earn cash is that they’re the centers of attention when it comes to the games. When ABC, FOX, and ESPN hype up all these “Game of the Weeks,” people right away think about the players who are going to be in it; it isn’t going to be focused on the coaches.

A great example of this was the Clemson vs. Alabama championship game this past winter; the players who were playing in this game are now NFL players but seven combined players from these two schools were drafted in the first two rounds of the NFL draft, which shows a lot. This shows us that it is very interesting, these players live for those moments, and it’s time they win a paycheck.

Another argument could be being smarter when it comes to suspensions. Many of these college football players are suspended but they aren’t fined. When an NFL player is suspended, he isn’t paid when he’s suspended. So now we add this to the college game, the players want to make as much money as possible so this will really help when it comes to being smarter about making decisions.

For many college players it should help them to learn financial responsibility. It would help them before reaching the NFL to make the right decisions when spending. Just because you’re in the NFL doesn’t mean anything.

For example, look at Terrell Owens, really good football player but now finds himself broke because of the decisions he made. Being paid in college would teach real skills like balancing a budget, living within one’s means and writing a check.

Some people may say that college football players don’t need money as the school has already offered them a scholarship but they need to realize the school doesn’t completely cover everything. Some textbooks, school supplies and even clothes for going to football banquets more often than not have to come out of the players’ pockets.

College football players deserve to get paid. They need to get paid because some careers might end early, or making the right decisions before getting suspended, or teaching financial responsibility. At the end of the day these guys are also putting themselves on the line.