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Why N64’s GoldenEye007 should be remastered

Aug. 25, 1997, gaming was revolutionized when GoldenEye 007 was released for Nintendo 64.

Being one of the best first person shooters of its time (or of all time), there has been a series of pleas from people all over the world begging for a remaster. GoldenEye 007 changed the landscape of first person shooters completely, and at its prime, over 8.09 million copies were sold worldwide. Even now, being a little over 20 years old, GoldenEye continues to thrive as a nostalgic artifact for most adults.

I strongly am for this James Bond game to be redesigned for today’s generation because it is a well-respected game that all, if not most gamers know. Much like Crash Bandicoot (which recently had a wonderful remaster for PlayStation 4), the name is really well-known in most cases.

GoldenEye is a game of skill in which most shooting games today lack. With this game being remastered it will test the playability of today’s generation and it will be a complete showdown for adults as they recall their favorite features of the game from things like the most overpowered character, Odd-job, to the most overpowered gun, the golden gun. It’s a fun game, and it deserves more hype, and recognition than it already has.

However, the only issue regarding this “remaster” would be the types of consoles that are used today, and the different types of fan bases. Kids today will have a difficult time with the mechanics that GoldenEye had for the 64 versus the cheap, and easy mechanics games like Call of Duty have. There is also the issue of which system the game can be released for. When it came out it was released for the Nintendo 64, however it would be a complex task to do for systems such as the Wii U or the Nintendo Switch, which are systems that not a lot of people really have.

Despite the issues that may occur with this, if the game were to be remastered productivity would increase in the game, meaning features will be added such as graphical features and better handling. Also in every remastered game there is always something new brought in. For example, Crash Bandicoot brought a new, free DLC (downloadable content) for its game, and Modern Warfare brought a fun new game mode known as prop hunt and a god awful supply drop system.

Living deep in the internet age, if GoldenEye were to be redesigned, most likely there will be an online multiplayer feature added versus the traditional 4-player death match the game already had. The hype for this game would spread like wildfire, and it would become the biggest expedition known in gaming history. It would be bigger than the rumors of Half-Life 3 being released (even though we know that game would NEVER come out..).

According to a 1997 article by Gamespot correspondent, Jeff Gertsmann, who attended E3 that year, he reviewed the game by saying that not only “lives up to the ‘quality, not quantity’ mantra that Nintendo continues to tout, it surpasses it.” He then goes on and says how the game “mirrors the plot of the 17th James Bond movie.”

The game has amazing graphics, and has an amazing soundtrack that enhanced the feel and attitude of GoldenEye’s replay ability. There are only a handful of games that match these two features. Games such as God of War, The Last of Us, Dante’s Inferno and Until Dawn are all games that bring the graphics and soundtrack to life.

I love videogames. I love playing them. They put me into a world, much like a book, which I can’t be in. Whether if I’m killing Zeus in God of War, or voyaging through the seven circles of hell looking for my wife in Dante’s Inferno, it’s a story that is told by the actions YOU play.

A game which has a lot of credibility and a well-loved fanbase deserves more than what it already has. A remaster for this game would satisfy everyone, and it would also rival everyone. If the game were to be released it would be a huge competition for upcoming games like Call of Duty: World War 2 and Destiny 2, and it would even rival games coming in 2018 like God of War (4).

The big question is however, if the game were to be released, would you be the first in line to purchase?