East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Women’s March

On Jan. 21, a march took place at Pershing Square in downtown L.A. This was known as the Women’s March, where women and supporters would walk on foot towards City Hall. The march was a counter-inauguration movement towards the 45th President Donald Trump.

Booths were set up along the march to inform women about certain groups of empowerment, to hand out free food to the marchers, and to have certain petitions signed.

I was able to interview one of the many booths to find out why they were here and what where they promoting.

Catherine Gray

“I’m a film producer and an author, and we’re promoting women empowerment through 360 Karma Women. We have conferences, talk shows, and we have strong powerful women come share their stories so it could be used as a tool to helping others into stepping into their higher self. We want to support each other because we all can do great things. We meet up in West Hollywood.”

This Women’s March had all taken place in different states in the U.S. The march in downtown L.A. was said to have hundreds and thousands of people, although it’s difficult to say, the exact amount was a rough estimate about 750,000.