Picture edited by Ivania H.
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You definitely need this artist in your 2018 playlist

Do you ever listen to a song over and over without getting bored of it? So yeah, that was me when I found “Lover Is a Day.” That’s the first song I heard from Cuco and I really loved it. I just felt that it was so relaxing, so I kept listening.

Cuco is a Chicano Solo artist from Hawthorne, California. His real name is Omar Banos, but let’s just call him Cuco. He already has two albums, Songs4U and Wannabewithu. (Which I recommend, go check them out and listen while you read.)

Some of his story of how he became an artist: Cuco knew he wanted to make music since he was 11-years-old and played the guitar but it was only until his junior year of high school that he started making music and just put everything together and make his music exactly the way he wanted it to sound. He started to post videos in his Twitter account and somehow they became popular and people liked it.

About his music: Cuco’s songs are alternative dream pop and the young singer-songwriter mentions they are influenced by just a lot of kinds of music including old school songs. Cuco also says that he grew up listening to old Chicano rap, baladas which influenced in his songs, and some others like Psychedelic music, jazz, hip hop/rap, are a massive part of  his sound.

“All my influences fall in different categories. They just kind of come into one.”

His music also includes various instruments such as the Guitar, bass, drums, a bit of piano/keys, trumpet, and French horn. These songs also have a lot synthesizers, 808’s and analog sounds. The way Cuco includes Spanish in his songs is just so smooth and flowing, and it sounds so natural, it’s not like some kind of song that the lyrics just doesn’t go with the flow.

Cuco even mentions he’s not including Spanish to be cool or start a new trends but because he actually speaks the language at home every day. The sounds pick up quick and slows down in such fascinating way. Making musi is a way to express his feelings for him and for the people that listen to his songs as well, most of his songs are romantic and talk about love, nothing obscene by the way.

“Lo Que Siento” is more of a vibe-y song for the summer.

In an interview with Mitu, Cuco says you could listen to his music with people you vibe with while just chilling.

Another good thing about this artist and his songs is that he’s showing that also Latino artist are just as talented as any other artist out there. Cuco is proud to represent a community that is so unrepresented.

If you were looking for some music to relax or just want to dedicate a song to someone you like (One and Only would be perfect) or it even depends on your occasion I recommend you to look him up and listen some of his songs, I know you’ll like him.