Flowers placed at the Las Vegas sign in honor of the victims of the shooting.
Ed W. Clark High School

Over 115 Days Since Las Vegas Shooting. Zero Congress Intervention.

Acclaimed scientist and renowned revolutionary Albert Einstein once stated: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”


Perhaps the most prevailing example of insanity within our society is that of the minds of the United States Congress. There have been 55 mass shootings within the past decade, yet we have seen no intervention, or even an iota concern from our congress in regards to policies against gun violence.

Despite every #prayfor {insert location our government couldn’t care less about} and countless campaigns towards reducing weapon accessibility, nothing has been done. However, another day without our government taking action is equivalent to another bullet penetrating the head of an innocent civilian.

Over 115 days ago, 59 died at the Las Vegas shooting. As a society, we must not let this be another forgotten incident but rather let it serve as a wake-up call to both our government and money-consumed individuals across the country.

Exactly 4.59 miles from the bed in which I sleep in, Las Vegas experienced the most brutal mass shooting of all time. Following the incident, political debates about gun ownership broke out against the country.

More specifically, those opposed to the restriction of certain guns argued that ownership provided its citizens with a sense of security and that banning guns would be a violation of the 2nd amendment of the constitution. Gun advocates such as the NRA argued that inflicting these restrictions would destroy our freedom. Freedom? No.

Freedom is the right to live. Freedom is the ability to feel safe at a music festival. Freedom is the ability to go home to your loved ones every day. That’s what freedom is.

Freedom sure as hell isn’t putting civilians at risk. Freedom isn’t ignoring the 90 percent of Americans who support universal background checks.

At this point, it is no longer an issue that is or should be polarized between the democratic and republican party. It does not matter whether you are a democrat or a republican, there is no reason that a citizen should legally own a weapon that has the ability to kill 59 people.

Yet the political actions that our government expresses has not only imperiled the safety of citizens but has also undermined the very foundation of freedom and democracy that our country was built upon.

We as a society have the power to make a change. You can write to members of Congress about the imminent issue revolving around gun violence and actions that should be made to reduce the risk of another mass shooting breaking out.

For example, in February of last year, Congress repealed an act passed by Obama during his term which made it more difficult for citizens with mental illness conditions to purchase guns.

A report conducted by the Pew Research Center quantified that approximately “89 percent of Americans want to restrict people with mental illnesses from buying guns.”

Presenting our pressing concerns to Congress could both instigate political action from the government and urge Congress to consider public support, in general, more seriously.

In regards to Las Vegas specifically, fund campaigns exist which directly help the families of victims. However, as a Las Vegas citizen, the most help we can receive is not any set amount of money, but rather change. Change which would prevent an incident like this from ever happening again.


My prayers continue to go to the friends and families of victims of the shooting. #PrayForVegas.