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17 minutes for 17 lost lives

Over a million students across the United States participated in the National School Walkout Day on Mar. 14. Tons and tons of students made posters, signs and even body art stressing the fact that no school should ever be unsafe.

School should be the most safe place where our parents send us off to get an education, not to shoot at others. In Florida, where students from Stoneman Douglas High School spoke in the state capital, they signed a bill recently that raised the age number to purchase any gun to 21 and made the period to wait for three days.

In my opinion, why is getting a gun so easy? Even though there is a certain age limit in most states, I feel like every worker should do a background check on every customer. If it’s so easy to buy a gun, it shouldn’t be hard to do a simple background check on a person.

Students went outside the school to express their feelings toward this horrible experience. Posters saying “Guns are for safety not payback” or “Ban guns for good.”

When this shooting had occurred, I was shocked to see all of the students who saw the suspicious and threatening post and didn’t say anything while half of the students had already pulled their phone out to record the horrendous experience.

President Donald Trump said he would give teachers guns as well. I think this idea is not very brilliant because if a teacher gets mad things may get out of hand, or if a teacher steps out of the class, a student might be able to get their hands on it. Although it is good for protection, I don’t believe this idea should be official. While students are feared for their lives already, giving a gun to some teacher is horrifying in my opinion.