Delilah Brumer is a rising senior at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School and the Editor-in-Chief of The Pearl Post. She is one of eight students interning with HS Insider this summer. (Photo courtesy of Delilah Brumer)


A voice for her community: Delilah Brumer uses journalism to broaden her perspectives

Delilah Brumer said she values how journalism allows her to amplify the voices of others.
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Sriya Sai Pushpa Datla

July 11, 2022
Delilah Brumer, a rising senior at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, hopes to help her community through journalism and reporting on the issues that matter the most to youth. Since she joined her journalism class as a freshman, Brumer aspires to inform her community about underrepresented issues.

“I think I’ve helped my community through journalism through reporting on under-covered issues,” Brumer said. “I’m very policy-driven. I like to report on numbers, policies — things that really affect people.”

As an Editor-in-Chief of her school’s newspaper, The Pearl Post, Brumer reflects on her journalism career from writing to her interest in poetry. She said she values how journalism allows her to share and amplify others’ voices.

“I found what I love to do and it’s pretty much all I do now at school. I want to be in the newsroom. I want to be reporting,” Brumer said.

She originally wanted to become a doctor, but she said her journalism class changed her mindset and opened up her perspectives.

Delilah Brumer takes photos at a summer journalism workshop at Western Kentucky University in June. When she’s not writing for her school newspaper, she enjoys exploring photography, she said. (Photo courtesy of Delilah Brumer)

“I think it’s completely changed my life. In freshman year, I was really shy and rigid,” Brumer said. “After joining my journalism class, I opened up to people. I became comfortable leading people and taking feedback from them.”

One of Brumer’s close friends, Valeria Luquin, said Brumer’s passion for journalism has allowed her to leave a positive impact in her community.

“Delilah’s ability to be on top of things and her willingness to help a classmate or peer out is what makes her stand out,” Luquin said.

Brumer said she aspires to become an environmental reporter at the Los Angeles Times.

Although joining the journalism class in her freshman year wasn’t in Brumer’s plan initially, she said she found her true home and is grateful for that mistake. As an HS Insider Intern this summer, Brumer hopes to connect with fellow interns and seek advice from L.A. Times journalists.

“I want to learn from L.A. Times experts and broaden my horizons in journalism. I really want to make friends with the other interns and have fun,” Brumer said.

During her time at L.A. Times HS Insider this summer, Brumer will pursue her goals and continue exploring the field of journalism.