El Camino Real Charter

Meet El Camino’s newest faculty Daniella Hernandez

As the El Camino Real Charter welcomes new students, so the school does with new teachers. Among those teachers is Spanish teacher Daniella Hernandez.

Hernandez teaches Spanish 1 and 2 for all grades. She grew up in Mexico, but one day her life completely changed.

Moving to California at age 15, Hernandez struggled with getting to know people and understanding American culture because of the language barrier. Hernandez was inspired to teach Spanish by her fifth-grade classmates back in Mexico. They would ask her for help and that is when she realized she was in love with teaching.

At Oxnard Hueneme, Hernandez says her high school experience was difficult because she “didn’t speak English and wanted to do so many things and join clubs at school but [she] couldn’t communicate” with others.

After graduating high school, Hernandez went on to get her teaching credential at California State University, Northridge. This will be Hernandez’s second year teaching, but her first year teaching high school students.

What Hernandez hopes students take from her class is of course, the Spanish language, but also the culture and the “feeling of belonging to another place and culture.” Hernandez’s favorite part of teaching is seeing the students’ facial expressions when they realize they understand something in a language they never spoke before.

Her goals for this school year are to improve as a teacher, to be able to teach Spanish 2 for the first time, and to collaborate with other teachers and learn their special techniques of teaching. Before this year, Hernandez had not heard of El Camino, but when she got hired for the job, she loved the campus.

One of her favorite things about El Camino is how driven and dedicated the students are. Her other favorite parts of our the school include how supportive the community is towards each other and the “positive vibe” that is all around.

Welcome to El Camino, Ms. Hernandez!