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El Camino 2017 Yearbook recognized in hall of fame

To reminisce on embarrassing moments, along with accomplishments, students and staff look back at their yearbooks.While there are endless high school memories, fitting them into one book takes a year-long effort by the El Camino yearbook staff. Publishing company Walsworth is recognizing El Camino’s 2017 yearbook in its annual Gallery of Excellence.

The showcase features the best yearbooks published through Walsworth.

This induction was a significant accomplishment for senior and Editor-in-Chief Maya Weiss.

After contributing to school yearbooks for six years, “it was a struggle,” Weiss said, “but I know that my decision to stick to it was worth everything in the end and I am finally getting recognition.”

Walsworth yearbook sales representatives will bring books from the Gallery of Excellence, including El Camino’s, to schools and workshops in order to present concrete examples of the most creative work. The designs are also meant to spark inspiration and ideas in other yearbook staffs. Additionally, covers, spreads, photos, and coverage ideas of Wallsworth hall-of-fame yearbooks serve as educational materials.

While El Camino’s staff said that they feel confident in their photography and writing skills, they want to continue improving on their design skills. The staff looks for expert advice when assembling the book in order to ensure progress.

With each new school year, however, there is a new staff. Weiss works alongside yearbook advisor Samantha Lasarow in guiding the students, as well as mediating the new ideas and organization.

“I was absolutely shocked when I found out about this honor, mostly because I did not know it existed,” Weiss said. When she read the letter, Weiss smiled at Lasarow and released a sigh of relief “because [she] knew all of [her] hard work had paid off.”

Lasarow and Weiss are setting higher expectations for their yearbook this year, but said this does not change how proud they are of the staff’s work so far.

Walsworth representative Michelle DiSimone nominated El Camino’s 2017 yearbook for the Gallery of Excellence award. As the staff created it, DiSimone readily offered help with technical issues or if students were stressed.

Along with the assistance of DiSimone, Weiss said that Lasarow played a crucial role in the staff’s success with the award.

“I owe some serious thanks to Ms. Laserow,” Weiss added. “She likes to compare me to a younger version of herself, and I think that is the biggest compliment.”

This is Weiss’ last year on the yearbook staff at El Camino, so as they currently design this year’s edition, she is also setting high expectations for herself. When designing the 2017 edition, the staff was small, yet Weiss said it had “lots of big ideas.” She reminisces about the week prior to last year’s Advanced Placement exams, for she “pulled four consecutive all-nighters to study for [her] AP tests and finish the yearbook.”

Regardless, Weiss said that her sleep deprivation “paid off with this award, so any setbacks were worth it in the end.”