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El Camino boys’ water polo brings home a win

El Camino boys’ varsity water polo team (5-3) defeated John F. Kennedy High school (0-3) on Sept. 13, by a score of 41-2. Junior Yuan-Gabriel Escusa led the team in goals with a staggering 8 goals followed by senior Rubin Morales with 6 and senior Steven Boen and sophomore Nicholas Cook with 4 goals each.

Senior captain Alan Rudoy led the team with 6 steals followed by Escusa with 4. Senior Guido Luca led the team in assists with 7.

According to the players, the game was “good, we scored a lot,” senior Robert Dracic said, “I think everyone is working well together.”

The varsity team built such a big lead that head coach Mircea Pitariu took out the varsity players and put in junior varsity players to finish off the game.

“Coach subbed out varsity for junior varsity and it went really well,” Dracic said.

Rudoy was pleased at the outcome of last week’s game as well.

“I think the game went great,” Rudoy said, “starters went in first and then the junior varsity players came in and did really well.”

He believes junior varsity has improved a lot, along with the varsity team.

“We’ve improved a lot in the last few weeks,” Rudoy said. Rudoy sustained an injury two games before and thinks he improved a lot since then.

At their most recent tournament, the Conejo Classic, they came out with a record of 2-2. The varsity team defeated Granada Hills (1-3) and Royal (1-1). It was the team’s first time defeating Granada Hills since 2013. They lost to Bishop Alemany (3-5) and Palisades (9-4).

“I think the season is going to be incredibly successful,” Rudoy said.

El Camino, then on a three-game win streak, came out with a win against Roosevelt High School on Sept. 20 with a score of 35-7. Junior Yuan-Gabriel Escusa and Morales led in goals with 6 each, followed by Rudoy with 4.

Luca led the team in saves with 16. Rudoy and Morales led the team in steals with 6 each.

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  • Reply James Coleman October 29, 2017 at 6:32 pm

    This article goes a bit too far with its chest thumping report about Elco’s 41-2 forfeit loss to John F. Kennedy’s 1st Water Polo debut. Kennedy HS has not had a team in over six years when they were able to assemble a team of novice freshman and sophomores to answer the challenge. Not one Kennedy player had more than one year experience in playing Water Polo, and the majority of their players hadn’t even been practicing the game of water polo for more than a week before their matchup with El Camino’s Varsity squad. In my opinion, the way the coach allowed their players to run up the score to 41 points was a display of arrogance or in the very least it was poor sportsmanship. We should also point out that ElCo utilized a goalie that had already graduated from the school
    And was awaiting to attend college when the staff allowed him to play in their games. There is absolutely nothing to brag about in regards to El Camino Real Highschool’s Varsity Water Polo game win against the rookie squad at JFKHS. I’d even go as far to say that the 2 goals Kennedy HS do more for the game than the 41 ElCO scored. The author needs to write about ElCO’s goalie scandal.


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