El Camino Real Charter

El Camino Celebrates The Year of the Dog

Seats were filled in Anderson Hall with students from China celebrating Chinese New Year on Friday, Feb. 16. Chinese “buddies” were invited to welcome the year of the Dog on the El Camino Real Charter High School campus.

Executive Director David Hussey gave Chinese buddies red envelopes filled with two-dollar bills. Decorations were plastered on the walls in Anderson Halls in order to emulate the Chinese culture and traditions.

This is El Camino’s fifth year agreement accompanying students from China [in the summer and in the winter time] so they may experience the American life and become more familiar with schools in America.

“El Camino is a fun school and I like how there is more freedom. I made many friends here, and the classes are [easier]. Being a 10th grader and getting this experience to explore America is good. The school I go to has harder and more strict classes than El Camino,” Chinese ‘buddy’ Elaine said.

Starting off the show, hosts Yen and Young greeted students from El Camino and Chinese buddies, thanking Hussey for his help and cooperation. Student performers showcased performances by playing drums, upbeat music, and interesting lion dancing.

A fashion show with a combination on Chinese and American styles were also presented.

Each Chinese buddy was awarded a certificate for completing the Winter Friendship Co. Reading Program at El Camino.

“Having a buddy helped me understand the Chinese culture, and it was super fun helping them around the school and showing them around El Camino,” sophomore Angelique Muñoz said. “My Chinese buddy, Lynn, was so fun to talk to and get to know. I’m really sad to see her go.”