Covered with sprinkles, fresh fruit, and gummy bears, Halo Top‘s strawberry soft serve is the perfect dessert for anyone with a sweet tooth. With the shop‘s wide range of choices, there is a healthy frozen treat for everyone.
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Halo Top Scoop Shop serves joy in a cone

After rising to fame for its low-calorie, low-sugar, high-protein ice cream, Halo Top opened its first Scoop Shop at the Westfield Topanga Mall. Featuring both Halo Top’s familiar ice cream flavors and its new soft serve flavors, the shop caters to a wide variety of tastes. From traditional vanilla to adventurous “Pancakes & Waffles,” there is truly something for everyone. With over 20 different toppings, from birthday cake balls to several fresh fruits, the options are endless.

There’s no doubt that the ice cream and soft serve are perfect for pictures. All orders look deserving of an Instagram post. The shop offers waffle cones in white, pink and blue, as well as puffle cones– a waffle-like confection from Hong Kong– in white, red and black. Customers have the choice of a traditional cup or cone, an ice cream taco or an ice cream sandwich. Orders are also served with a golden spoon. Aside from the ice cream, the shop itself is aesthetically pleasing. With gold and marble counters and a neon sign, it can’t be missed.

As for the ice cream, the strawberry soft serve was creamy and smooth– two important factors when it comes to soft serve. However, the taste of strawberries left something to be desired, leading me to wonder if they had in fact, in their rush on grand opening day, given me the wrong flavor. The soft serve was also on the sweeter side, but fruit toppings– strawberries and raspberries– cut the sweetness, making it the perfect combination of sweet and tartness. The freshly-made waffle cone was perfect, with just the right texture.

A caveat: for slow eaters, ordering a cone or puffle cone could get messy, especially if the shop is busy; I would recommend getting extra napkins or asking for an extra cup.

Overall, the shop offers an abundance of special yet nostalgic treats that, at 100 calories or less per serving, will leave you feeling satisfied without (much) guilt. It’s a must-visit for the health-conscious and carefree alike.