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“I Feel Pretty” leaves audience feeling beautiful

While I think the movie “I Feel Pretty” empowered, others thought the film did not get the message across clearly. I saw the movie as a stepping stone towards self-acceptance and love. “I Feel Pretty” was intended to empower people, and let them see that one’s appearance is not what defines a person. Unfortunately, some thought that Amy Schumer was not fit for the role in that she is a rich Hollywood actress who does not represent the average person to whom the movie was directed towards, because she is not overweight nor is she underprivileged.

If one is able to get past who was starring in the movie, the film was near perfect. The movie accurately depicts the jealousy people feel when one stands next to a more beautiful or entitled person. While watching the movie, I was able to relate to some of the circumstances and feel envy towards the other stunning women as the main character does.

Unlike what other reviewers think, “I Feel Pretty” shows women that they do not need to be hit in the head to make themselves look pretty, the movie shows that all people need is the confidence to look past one’s own looks.

“I Feel Pretty” impressed me because when the main character Renee, played by Amy Schumer, did not wear an obsessive amount of makeup. The film also shows how high-class companies produce cosmetics that are intended for the average person, but are advertised in a way that intimidates them. The amount of character development in the movie was the most astounding part. “I Feel Pretty” also shows how one has to learn to accept themselves before others can.

I heard someone say the best part to the movie was the fact that the film never shows the beautiful person Renee sees when she hits her head. The movie leaves it to the audience to imagine who Renee sees herself as when she imagines herself as perfection.

“I Feel Pretty” is a movie filled with great insight and laughs. As the audience roared with laughter, and just as Renee did I was able to look at myself differently.