Photo by McKenna Thurber
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LA welcomes an impressive, new PVRIS

Welcomed by a mass of screaming teenage girls, fans treated PVRIS as if they were a “boy band” upon their return to Los Angeles. On Sept. 22, the group nearly sold out the NOVO, a venue that is known for hosting up-and-coming artists.

img 3965 LA welcomes an impressive, new PVRIS
Photo by McKenna Thurber

PVRIS, pronounced “paris,” took a risk with the order of their setlist. Their first song forced lead singer, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, to sit at a piano situated stage right, out of the spotlight. I worried that this choice would make it difficult for her to command the crowd and deliver an energetic performance. However, from the minute she took to the stage to the minute she exited, all eyes were on her.

Her performance was emphatic and heartfelt; the audience was invested in every lyric she sang. Quickly, she ditched the piano for a Fender Mustang, assuming her rightful place, center stage.

6241770400 img 6279 LA welcomes an impressive, new PVRIS
Photo by McKenna Thurber

The group has been touring profusely since 2014, joining the lineup of Warped Tour 2015 and even touring with MUSE and Thirty Seconds to Mars. It showed, too, as their experience has built up not only their confidence, but musicianship.

The group soared through their set flawlessly. They stopped and started on a dime, and were able to dive into each song with ease.

My only wish is that I saw more personality from the other band members to Gunnulfsen’s left and right. The two boys seemed serious and cold. However, it matched with the band’s dark image, so it was not unsettling.

img 6068 LA welcomes an impressive, new PVRIS
Photo by McKenna Thurber

Overall, PVRIS’ first show of their 2017 tour was strong and consistent. Their experience is evident, and fans seem to love them now more than ever.  

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