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My first trip to Washington DC

This past summer I went on a trip to the East Coast. While I was there I went to Washington DC, and went around to all of the historical, and political monuments and buildings.

Due to recent political events, the government buildings in DC had events like protests on the steps outside. Many of the protests were about the recent idea of whether the original health care act should be banned or not.

As I was walking out of the Capital, I heard loud voices yelling things such as, “Save our health care!” When I first heard the voices I had not expected to turn around and see a small group of disabled people in wheel chairs with megaphones a whole block away. Even though there were few people involved in the protest, their voices carried all the way down the whole block. It was then that I realized that this group of protesters were the spitting image of people who stand up for their rights.

The health care protesters stood out in the humidity and heat for at least three hours, and did not give up. I myself could never stand in public and protest against something where people who may have a different opinion would be able to verbally attack me.

Other than protests outside of government and public buildings there were also people who would come up to a person and try to sell politically-related hats, socks, shirts, etc. I would be walking and minding my own business when some random person would step in front of me and ask me to by a politically-related hat, I would politely say no thank you but that was not the end of it. I would then be at a museum gift shop and see a room dedicated to political souvenirs.

Throughout my time in Washington DC I was afraid to mention anything mildly related to a political topic because that subject was no light topic. I would be sitting in a quiet restaurant or coffee house and one person would make snide remark about something a person tweeted about a political subject, and next thing you know the other friend walks out of the place in disgust because their friend had different views on politics.

My hope is that people should be able to visit the place where some of the most important decisions are made for our country without having to be worried about one’s opinions or political views.