Olympians campaign for 2024 host city

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Nearly four decades after the 1984 Olympic Games, Olympians are rallying for the Games to return to Los Angeles.

At the forefront of advocating for Los Angeles as a candidate city for the 2024 Olympics is the LA84 Foundation, which is made up of Olympians and community leaders who encourage the youth to become more involved with sports.

Members of the foundation feel that bringing the Games to Los Angeles would have innumerable benefits. The most prominent of which is a feeling of unification that would come from proudly hosting the world’s most powerful athletes.

“When the American team walked, in the crowd roared,” said a teary-eyed Donna De Varona, former olympic swim star, as she reminisced on the 1984 Summer Olympics.

The 1984 Games were the last to be held in Los Angeles, and their impact continues to be felt today. The wave of city beautification that took place across Los Angeles before the games, including the addition of murals in freeway underpasses and neighborhoods, contributed greatly to the artistic aesthetic of the city today.

Although some argue that there will be benefits, others argue that hosting would bring severe inconveniences. As there would be a steep increase in the number of commuters around the Coliseum, one fear is that there would be a steep increase in traffic.

It is not yet confirmed that Los Angeles will host the 2024 Olympics; the city of Paris, France, is also campaigning to host the Games.

However, the Olympians residing in Los Angeles are determined to secure the honor of hosting the Games yet again.

“This is our time,” said Olympic boxer Egerton Forster. “This is our year.”


This story was produced through the HS Insider summer internship program which is supported by funding from LA84 Foundation.

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