Travis Scott by McKenna Thurber
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Opening acts surprise at Day N Night festival

For its second consecutive year, Day N Night summoned thousands of teens and adults to Anaheim for a three-day festival headlined by some of the year’s biggest names in rap. At the top of the bill were Travis Scott, Chance The Rapper, and Kendrick Lamar. Tickets for the festival averaged at $300 per day.

Khalid by McKenna Thurber

Although the headliners put on loud performances, often featuring fireworks, the festival’s most powerful acts were the ones that played just before night fell. On Saturday, SZA awed the crowd with her charm, smile, and unique voice. The audience went wild as she pranced across the stage.

SZA by McKenna Thurber

Post Malone was a pleasant surprise, too. As he took to the stage with a grimy flannel and a long, unkept beard, I expected almost nothing from his performance. However, his personality shone after he warmed up to the crowd and began to joke with them. Looking at the jumbotron that was live-projecting his performance, he noticed his hair was messy.

“None of you were gonna tell me?” he questioned, laughing. “That’s nasty.”

Post Malone by McKenna Thurber

Although those two were definite highlights of Saturday night, the best live performance came from The Neighbourhood’s Jesse Rutherford. His microphone dangled from an industrial chain, fastened to rafters above the stage, and doubled as a makeshift rope swing. Catching a running start, he gripped the microphone, launched himself off of the stage, and swung above the heads of audience members before being pulled back.

Jesse Rutherford by McKenna Thurber

It was disappointing that such an energetic performance was only showcased on one of the festival’s secondary stages, rather than its main stage.

Jesse Rutherford by McKenna Thurber

At the main stage, approximately 15 feet separated the front row of the audience from the artists. This created an uncomfortable disconnection between the fans and performers. Due to fireworks and speaker intensity, however, this space seemed necessary for safety reasons. The headliners who played here seemed, frankly, normal. No artist did anything I was not already expecting and no one’s energy stood out.

After the popularity of Day N Night 2017, hopefully next year’s festival will be hosted somewhere other than the parking lot of Angel Stadium.