The Pan-African (also referred to as the Marcus Garvey, UNIA, Afro-American, and Black Liberation) flag is commonly flown throughout February to celebrate Black History Month. (Illustration by Kim Ly)
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Opinion: Why we need to do more for this Black History Month

Black History Month is an annual celebration every February meant to highlight and shine a spotlight on the struggles and the achievements of the African American population throughout US history. It’s an amazing designation and is much needed – but it’s not enough. 

In the past year, our world has seen indirect and direct attacks on the Black population, a disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Black and brown communities, an insurrection at the US Capitol led by white supremacists, and police brutality finally coming to light on the national, even international, stage. 

Simply designating a month and utilizing that as a performative excuse is not enough. Black history is American history and it should be treated as such. The countless contributions that Black individuals have brought to society have touched every single American. 

As a country, we are in a unique position and are at a crossroads for actual change. It’s time that we actually take that opportunity and as allies, it’s high time we actually stand with the Black community, in every aspect. 

So this Black History Month, don’t just be an ally to the Black community – truly help them make a change. That means moving past protests and helping in the legislative, judicial, and social world. If our society is truly serious about making a change, that starts now – but doesn’t stop as soon as February ends. As you go through this month, amplify Black voices around you and continue to help them fight towards liberty and justice for all.