Teenage punk band, The Regrettes, made a powerful impression at their album release show on Sunset Boulevard. Having fun with their music, the audience departed feeling as if they had just left a wonderful party. (McKenna Thurber / HS Insider)
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Punk band leaves audience with no Regrettes

Self-described punk band, The Regrettes, sold out their first show at The Echo on Sunset Boulevard, celebrating the release of their debut album, “Feel Your Feelings Fool!”

On a Friday the 13th in February, they decorated the venue to feel like a celebration, giving out free party hats, balloons, and photo booth pictures to all in attendance.

The venue was small and not quite packed to the brim, yet still warm and full of energy.

As their opening act featured cross-dressing 20 year olds with fake blood pouring out of their mouths, it was thrilling and reliving to see the four-piece finally take the stage.

Comprised of three girls and one boy, The Regrettes are teenagers who perform barefoot and with a lot of glitter. They started the show with one of their unreleased songs, but quickly riled up the crowd with impressive drum fills and rhythms people could dance to. It is difficult to take a liking to a group who you are completely unfamiliar with, but the Regrettes are special. They have an energy and sound that captivate, leaving the audience humming along to songs they are only hearing for the first time. They laced in a few of their previously released singles between the new songs to keep the crowd feeling familiarity, while also captivating them.

Famous music photographer, Lindsey Byrnes, spent the night pressed up against the stage, capturing shots of the band in anticipation of their making it big. Byrnes was not the only one who had high expectations for the band; the crowd as a whole recognized that this show was special. With most of their songs being incredibly catchy, it is had to deny that The Regrettes will soon reach their “big break.”

Seeing the show as a great opportunity for exposure, the band ensured the audience felt like they got to know them.

Lead singer Lydia Night made their inspirations clear as their lyrics explored themes such as being talked down to, dealing with lovers, and everyday experiences. Nearing the end of the show, she dedicated the last song off of their new album, “Seashore,” to President Donald Trump. The crowd screamed in response.

Leaving the stage covered in feathers, glitters and streamers, The Regrettes exited with an attitude of confidence; an attitude that knows the release show for “Feel Your Feelings Fool!” was first of many memorable shows to come.