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‘Rope.Tree.Journalist’– How we move past it

Recently at Walmart, the supermarket chain sold shirts that had threatened journalists around the world. To have something so hurtful and offending aimed at journalists just makes me want to continue on writing and speaking for the people who are left unheard.

As a young journalist seeing that shirt online made me infuriated to know that even though the message of freedom of speech stands for all journalists are excluded. We have the power to change the world in 300 words or less, to change a person’s opinion with our words.

Journalists are the one beings that could break the world into pieces or try to bring it together. By selling or trying to sell that shirt I feel stripped of my voice, my chance to change the world for good.

The shirt has imprinted: “Rope.Tree.Journalist.some assembly required”; those are instructions on how to hang journalists. This shirt screams violence, and arrogance. Especially during this time of political madness the people need someone who can stand by them, and speak for them.

Being a journalist is who I am, who I always was and I didn’t know that until this August. I think that being able to express my opinion, worries, and fears through words is a privilege. The shirt was taken down off the Walmart website after a journalism advocate group wrote a letter to the Walmart executives explaining that the shirt is viewed as a threat and needs to be taken down.

Without journalists and journalism, the world wouldn’t be interesting. No one would know what is happening around them, no one would care about anything. There are no journalists in North Korea and we don’t really know what is going on in there.

Journalists are the messengers of information. Some journalists risk their lives just to get the truth behind the story.

That shirt made every fiber in my body stand with anger, but then I relaxed and the shirt made me want to go on. To fulfil the dream of being a journalist.