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Students receive fast-track sports education

Providing services to many low-income families, the Boys and Girls Club of Whittier has begun their second annual summer sports camp for incoming fourth and fifth graders. Over four weeks, students will learn basic soccer, basketball, volleyball and football skills.

In the Whittier location, sports are taught in an indoor basketball court that doubles as a large gymnasium. The program spends one week on each sport from the last week of June to the end of July.

As the Boys and Girls Club is funded in part by the LA84 foundation, the sports camp looks to prepare students for sports in the upcoming school year, which are often organized by LA84.

The coaches and directors of the Whittier location are enthusiastic about the program and proud of its inclusivity.

“There aren’t tryouts,” Area Director Elizabeth Montano said. “We have sign ups.”

They center charges $100 for their sports camp, which is comparably cheap considering the high prices of joining a sports league.

Alongside learning skills and strategies, the campers learn about good sportsmanship and teamwork.

“By the end, kids are communicating,” Coach Andrew Reyna said.

The Boys and Girls Club of Whittier hopes that by the end of the program, students will be more enthusiastic about participating in sports and being athletic in a safe way.

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