El Camino Real Charter

Styles and trends of 2017

Living next to one of the biggest malls in Southern California, many freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors shop at some of the same stores. Tilly’s, Fashion Nova, Brandy Melville, Zumiez, and many more.

The girl trends that have been popular around school are bandeau tops, earring hoops, distressed boyfriend jeans, tight-fitted bodysuits, and the famous rose patches. The boys have been all over supreme, Vans, Thrasher hoodies, classic creme-colored khakis, and Jordan shoes. Most trends can be worn for both boys and for girls.

“My favorite type of trend would have to be the effortless style of old-fashioned chic. It’s very ’90s yet effortless I love it,” says El Camino Real Charter sophomore Shani Dayan.

But one trend that both genders find appealing and find different to wear outside of their comfort zone is the color yellow. Yellow typically is not everyone’s favorite go-to color, but it is very vibrant and bright to look at and easy to spot.

“I like the style of ripped jeans because it’s gender neutral and both guys and girls can rock the style of distressed jeans,” said Sam Eliassi, a sophomore.

For hair, the famous Kylie Jenner dutch braids have been in style recently. This type of hairstyle can be worn dressed up or dressed down, it also goes with every outfit.

Last but not least, the ultimate trend of the black Jansport backpacks. Again, this style can be gender neutral. It can go with anything and everything. Students typically like this style because it is just a simple go-to backpack you can just throw on. You can wear any color and the black is just simple and can rock on anyone.