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Taylor Swift reborn: Will we be able to shake this one off?

On Aug. 26 Taylor Swift surprised us all by releasing a new song with a twist to it. In her new song, “Look What You Made Me Do,” Swift talks about how the public and Kanye West ruined her reputation. She indicates in the song that everyone brought her down, making her a “high school mean girl.”

In the music video, the pop singer is seen getting out of a grave beneath a gravestone labeled “here lays Taylor Swift’s reputation” as her zombified self is burying her sweet, old self. Thirty seconds in Swift is in a bathtub full of diamonds which a few believe that Taylor is throwing shade about the “perfect crime” the Kim Kardashian-West supposedly staged the robbery where multiple diamond necklaces were stolen.

Swift gets into a car accident while paparazzi take pictures of her crash and burn while they were all watching. Some speculations say that in this scene Taylor is dressed oddly familiar to Katy Perry who has stolen a backup dancer or two from Taylor in the past.

While standing on hundreds of her old personas, Taylor says that she doesn’t trust anyone and no one trust her, she also points out that she will be the worst nightmare they ever had. This also ties in on how the so-called “old Taylor” is dead as being told to someone on the phone by the “new Taylor.”

In the end of the video all versions of Taylor are seen criticizing one another just like the public does to her.

Taylor went overboard with this song, some parts of it were pathetic and attention seeking. Although the song was quite strange I sort of like it. I think Taylor ran out of ideas so she decided to be a dark angel and it isn’t fitting very well.

I recommend that she stops and goes back to who she was before. Taylor has changed so many times that no one can know who she is the next day, or who she is dating. Some people like it, and some don’t and I am one of them.

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