El Camino Real Charter

Women march across Los Angeles

Over 400,000 women from all over the country marched across Los Angeles streets for women’s empowerment on January 20.

In a recent speech by President Donald Trump’s, he commented on the anti-abortion policies that he implemented in his first year in office. Although this topic has been controversial to women for many years, Trump has stated that abortion should be illegal. Women defend “the right of life” by making posters with powerful messages.

“My favorite part [was] seeing all the empowering posters that everyone made. It was really nice being able to come down to the march to support women and have so many others there to support the same cause,” said sophomore Julia Sabatino.

The United States is one of only seven countries that allows abortions after a woman’s 20 weeks of pregnancy. Sixty-three percent of Americans support a ban on abortion after 20 weeks far into pregnancy.

“My favorite part of the march was seeing so many strong women and people coming together to protest for our rights and equality for women, and human rights for all people. I also loved seeing all the posters that everyone made, they were so creative and funny,” said Jordan Baraz. “I am so glad I got to experience going to the march, it felt so empowering just being there and knowing I was part of this movement.”

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