El Modena High School

An EMTV Victory

El Modena Television achieved victory after going to the Orange County Film Festival. They entered a public service announcement called “What’s Cookin’?” reminding people to be healthy and aware of what they put into their bodies on a daily basis.

EMTV was nominated for best PSA, best producer, and best cinematography. Not only did they receive the honor of being nominated, they won best PSA.

Director Emily Olmos accepted the award for Lauren Tran, Skyler Meador, Henrik Albihn, Josh Seigel, and Jacqui Imfeld, everyone who took part in filming and producing the PSA. The actors involved in “What’s Cookin’?” Sam Gault and Karen Imfeld were also a major factor in the PSA’s success.

The other entries were dark and serious, but EMTV used irony and formed a satirical PSA. That definitely helped make El Mo’s PSA more memorable and stand out from the other nominations. Olmos states, “I wrote ‘What’s Cookin’?’ and once we organized it, everyone put their pieces in. I was honestly shocked when we won because the other ones were so good, but I was also happy because each one of us did our part to create it.”

Seigel and Albihn were heavily involved as well. Seigel chose the music and colored it, while Albihn was responsible for the cinematography. The video yearbook program entered the same festival last year and was nominated for only one award, so three nominations this year is an incredible accomplishment.

Director and head, Skyler Meador states, “This gave me the opportunity to be creative. EMTV is my home away from home.” The EMTV program gained well deserved recognition after an astounding amount of effort and dedication in “What’s Cookin’?” Every member in that program has true talent and a passion for what they are doing, and it shows in every school episode and project they complete.

—Hailey Salsman