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Column: My attempt to Olivia Rodrigo tickets was not ‘Good 4 me’

The battle of finding tickets ended in disappointing fashion.
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Yaileen Ramos

December 17, 2021
Olivia Rodrigo announced her tour dates in early December on Instagram to her followers. 

The Tickets went on sale Friday, Dec. 10 at 10 a.m., and they went by fast.

The prices were affordable, which was a relief and very surprising since Rodrigo is at the peak of her breakout year with seven Grammy nominations, including nods in the four major categories of album of the year, record and song of the year (both for “Drivers License”) and best new artist, according to the LA Times.

I was one of many who were in the waiting area on Ticketmaster. Trust me I was committed to getting these tickets, sitting in my senior Economics class patiently waiting for my turn. 

To admit I was very confused why Rodrigo is playing at such a small venue, to be honest knowing that The Greek Theater was the location of the concert concerned my best friend Jenavee Acosta and me. The attempt failed instantly, in a matter of seconds the tickets were sold out. And that Friday became such an anticlimactic day. 

To say that our day was ruined because we couldn’t get tickets was far from the truth. On-campus, everyone was trying to get tickets and almost all of the student body was devastated knowing that only a handful of people got tickets. My best friend and I were very saddened by the realization of not going.

The wave of sadness hit us like a truck when we scrolled on our Twitter feed. Everyone got tickets for both Los Angeles night one and two. 

Rodrigo became a staple my senior year of high school, her songs being extremely relatable. Rodrigo is an icon to my friends and me because she is our age. I wouldn’t doubt that we would get along, especially with our love of Taylor Swift.

At the end of the day, my admiration for Rodrigo hasn’t changed because tickets were sold out in seconds and the venue should have been bigger for a huge pop star. When the day of the concert does come, I will watch her via Twitter at the comfort of my bed.