El Rancho High School

Eight El Rancho seniors sign their letters of intent

Records were broken, MVPs were chosen, and final choices were made. On May 28, Adrian Palacios, Andrew Perea, Richard Cuellar, Melissa Gutierrez, Francisco Miranda, Jacquelyn De Loza, Destiny Cervantes, and Crystal Rodriguez were the eight student-athletes that signed their Letters of Intent to further advance their careers at a collegiate level.

Out of the eight students, four of them will be staying close to home while the other four will be branching out across the United States. Palacios will be attending Whittier College and will be playing football. Gutierrez will be attending Caltech and will be running track and field and cross-country. De Loza will be attending Cal State San Bernardino and will be playing softball. Rodriguez will be attending Biola University and will be competing in track and field.

Perea will be attending Concordia University in Nebraska to play football. Cuellar will be attending New Mexico Highlands University to play football. Miranda will be attending York College In Nebraska to play soccer and lastly, Cervantes will be attending Odessa College in Texas to play softball.

The eight scholar athletes all have different reasons for attending their choice of college. Cuellar says, “I decided to commit to New Mexico because I was interested in playing there from the start, and they gave me an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.” Perea adds, “it’s a great opportunity to grow up by myself and to live somewhere where people don’t usually go off to college for.” Miranda also adds, “making the decision was easy because they were offering me the most money and their league is very competitive which benefits me in the long run.” De Loza says, “I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to stay close to home and still be able to compete in the most competitive state for college softball.”

Cuellar says he was thankful for the ceremony because, “I was [able] to see all my family and friends there to watch and support me.” Gutierrez adds, “[I’m glad] I was able to thank my coach, Miguel.”

Perea says, “I’m able to say I know where I’m going for the next four years and that college is paid for.” Miranda says, “I’m just ready to go play and get better and it’s a great feeling because I just can’t wait to set foot out on that field.” Gutierrez adds, “I’m just glad I’ll still be able to run competitively.” Furthermore, Cuellar adds, “three of my old teammates also attend NMHU so I’m sure it will be a great experience being with my brothers in a different color uniform at a new school.”

– Elizabeth Jacome