El Rancho High School

Hauling YouTube one upload at a time

Sophomore Angie Danis is nowhere near her sophomore slump; rather, she is taking off with a promising start of a YouTube career. This local celebrity can be spotted around campus with her iconic ponytail and dashing smile, two distinct features that embellish her videos.

Danis has recently joined the trend of the YouTube limelight. “I started out by watching other YouTubers, and I thought it would be fun to [make videos] also; so that’s what I did,” says Danis.

She claims Bethany Mota, Tyler Oakley, and Troye Sivan are her major influences. “These big YouTubers have inspired me to strive to become as good as they are.”

Her YouTube videos vary from beauty tips and shopping hauls to vlogs and skits. Her main focus, however, is on beauty-related videos. “I really want to focus on doing more beauty-related videos because I think those videos can help younger girls that look up to me become less [fearful] of themselves.”

Danis is among other local luminaries of the rising YouTube movement and has even befriended a few YouTubers from El Rancho. “I’m a really good friend of Jennifer Delgado, and I recently met Marcus Alcaraz (two other rising YouTubers with humble followings). We started as a group chat with other YouTube friends outside of the United States, and we have since grown from there.”

This up-and-coming YouTube sensation claims her family and friends have supported her in her Internet career; however, the support has only recently been present. “My parents, [initially,] were scared because I was putting myself and my life out on the Internet. They were also worried about how I would manage school and YouTube, but once I started to make my videos, they realized [the situation] was not as bad as they thought. My friends have been very supportive, and they think that seeing me grow would be fun.”

Danis’ classmates have also started taking notice of her videos. “[At first,] most classmates did not know about my YouTube channel. I kept my channel on the ‘down-low’ for a while because I was afraid that people would make fun of me. People have always made fun of me when I was growing up, and I hated [their comments]. As my channel grew over the summer, I began self-promoting more often. I’m still not sure how some of my classmates feel about my channel, but I hope they like it.”

YouTube has not only been a reliever for Danis, but also a propeller for a future career. “I really think YouTube will help me get out of my shell more because when I was younger, I was really shy. This website has helped me a lot so far, and I think it’s a good basis for my future in either acting or filming.” Although such a pastime provides for a lot of responsibilities (editing and planning, to name a few), schoolwork is not forgotten in Danis’ plan.

“It is really hard to focus on school and YouTube at the same time because there are people who are depending on seeing uploaded videos weekly. [However,] I have shifted my focus from YouTube to school activities lately, which has prevented me from posting my usual load of videos. [Nevertheless,] I plan on making new videos soon for my audience.”

Danis is currently awaiting new followers to join her on her YouTube journey. Rate, comment, and subscribe to her YouTube channel, “theangiedanis,” to get the latest update on her starstruck life.