El Rancho High School

Kim Cruz has a passion for fashion

While most girls spend their Saturdays at the mall looking for the perfect outfit, Kimberly Cruz ditches the crowded stores, long lines, and just makes her own clothes! On May 8, the El Rancho Library hosted its’ first ever fashion show, staring Kimberly Cruz’s fashion line modeled by Mr. De la Loza’s Advanced Art students.

Kimberly Cruz is a student in Mr. De la Loza’s Advanced Art class, and when Mr. De la Loza noticed Kimberly’s fashion sketches, he knew this was passion Cruz should continue to purse. “In my art class I help students find their way in art. In this case Kimberly is a designer and when I saw her gravitating towards designing the dresses I suggested that maybe she should make some dresses and have a fashion show,” said De la Loza, “And on her own she pursued it and this is result.”

Cruz is greatly inspired by her mother who’s a seamstress. “I would always see her sewing and one time she putting beautiful dress together so I was like, ‘Oh I should try’ and I completely fell in love with it,” said Cruz, “My mom thinks it can be difficult [pursuing fashion] at times, but if I keep my goal and set my ground I can do it. I couldn’t have done this without the help of my peers and classmates, they helped me put it all together and my friend Reuben created my logo.”

Cruz’s fashion line includes vibrant colors and long flowing fabrics. The clothes are made specifically for her models because Cruz took into consideration their body type, personal fashion style, and colors that best complement their skin tone. “I see everyday how they dress, sometimes gothic or super bright colors, and I designed based off that,” said Cruz, “If they have red hair I’ll put in something that matches their hair so it won’t be so off.”

The models for Cruz’s fashion line were Cindy Espinoza, Amanda Delgado, Natalie Munoz, Brianna Barrios, and Elyssa Toress. All these girls are very different with equally as different taste in clothing, however Cruz was able to capture their personalities and style in the wardrobe. Cindy Espinoza did the model’s makeup for the fashion show, and was also modeled for the clothing line.

“It was a little frustrating at first, but in the end it was super exciting,” said Espinoza, “Kimberly definitely captured by style because I’m a bit girly with some rocker and pin up in there. I’m also really petite so I’m very insecure about big clothes fitting me too long so she greatly understood my body type. I’m proud of her, no one else could have pulled all this off.”

Cruz hopes to continue her passion for fashion after high school, and greatly encourages others to pursue their dreams. Even though it may seem difficult, it’s doable with some hard work, determination, and a great looking outfit.

– Laura Castro-Spencer