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Opinion: #BeatLA is getting old

That famous chant just doesn't work anymore.
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Yaileen Ramos

February 2, 2022
Whenever it comes down to Los Angeles versus any Bay Area team the hashtag “BeatLA” resurfaces. It has become the motto for many teams across the country.

Although the “Beat L.A.’’ chant started in Boston it has become a staple to the Bay Area. All these chants but San Francisco still can not beat LA — not the Giants in baseball nor the 49ers in football.

It is getting old, and as a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan it never really phased me because it was so cheesy to yell that. It’s embarrassing.

To think that San Francisco yells this as if their team doesn’t fumble, hit a foul ball or miss a free throw.

This past Sunday was a perfect example of how “BeatLA” never works out. The Los Angeles Rams hosted the San Francisco 49ers to the NFC championship. The Rams defeated San Francisco 20-17.

If we are honest the whole chant is laughable considering that the 49ers and the Giants ended their seasons with a loss to (you guessed it) Los Angeles. Time to retire that sad chant, because y’all can’t beat LA. The Dodgers already showed us that the answer to that sad chant “Beat L.A.” is “Repeat L.A.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. Representing your city is the most important thing you can do. The people in the city of Los Angeles bleed both Dodger blue and purple and gold, along with anything in between.

To the fans of any bay area team, let’s get it together change the chant to #BeLA. It’s simply amusing to watch the fans go crazy for a chant that is never going to get them anywhere. Look at the Giants who lost to LA in October 2021. Los Angeles fans will always and forever be top tier because nobody can beat LA.

As the Super Bowl is being hosted by the Rams in Los Angeles they will now face the Cincinnati Bengals. I hope Cincinnati doesn’t fall into the #BeatLA because then they can meet the 49ers in the Bay Area.

Beat L.A.?…

You all just can’t “Beat L.A.”

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