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Review: ‘Captain Marvel’ celebrates girl power

The newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Captain Marvel,” takes us back to the 90s and sets the scene for “Avengers: Endgame.”

“Captain Marvel,” just like any Marvel movie, completely crushed the competition on opening week and it was still at the top weeks after its release. The film made $456.7 million dollars in its first week, making it the seventh-biggest opening of all time.

The movie is directed by none other than American filmmaking duo, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. Other notable works by these two are “Half Nelson” and “It’s Kind of a Funny Story.” Their newest and most successful film to date stars Brie Larson as Captain Marvel and the iconic Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

It is a momentous occasion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe not only because the film was so well received by the public, but also because “Captain Marvel” features the first female lead in the history of the MCU.

The movie introduces us to Vers (rhymes with “tears,” which you might shed during this film), a noble warrior hero of the Kree civilization. Without giving too much away, Vers is on a mission to stop the Skrull people, a group of green-skinned aliens who can transform themselves to look like anyone or anything, from invading earth (planet C-53, if you will).

Aside from this extremely important mission, Vers is also on a journey of self-exploration. The young hero was rescued by the Kree, but she had no memory of her past. All she knows is that her life was once on earth.

“Captain Marvel” is a huge success for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film has dominated the box office, but it also won the hearts of audience members everywhere. Throughout “Captain Marvel,” the role women have in society is heavily questioned. Vers is told she cannot be a hero because she is too emotional. When she arrives on earth, she is told to smile for a man. However, our hero, Captain Marvel, refuses to stick to those traditional views on women and proves everyone wrong.

The most “girl power” moment in the film is during one of the film’s most intense fight scenes. When the first few seconds of “Just a Girl,” by No Doubt play in the background, it’s clear to the audience that this woman is about to do what women do best: she’s going to kick some butt! “Captain Marvel” did a great job of portraying the struggles all women face, not just the things that cool superhero women face.

Also, it came out on International Women’s Day, paying homage to women and young girls all across the globe.

If superhero movies aren’t for you, that’s not a problem! “Captain Marvel” has a great message about empowerment and proving to others that a woman can (and often do) save the world. If superhero movies are your thing, then “Captain Marvel” is just the film for you! It’s a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it answers a lot of questions regarding the final installment of “The Avengers.”