In Adam McKay's “Don’t Look Up”, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence try to warn the world of a comet heading toward Earth. (Netflix)

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Review: ‘Don’t Look Up’ is the wake up call the world needs

"Don't Look Up" mirrors climate change and other issues facing humankind.
<a href="" target="_self">Yaileen Ramos</a>

Yaileen Ramos

January 5, 2022
Every disaster movie I have ever watched started with the government ignoring a scientist. This shows so many parallels to the current world.

DiCaprio’s scene about peer review was the chef’s kiss. And the lyrics in Ariana Grande’s song in itself was amazing.

I truly think it paralleled the growing concern of global warming. A catastrophe that’s being politicized and monetized which has deflected from the needed conversation at hand. And of course not following the science and realizing the magnitude of it. Honestly, I really liked “Don’t Look Up.” I think that it perfectly mirrors real life with global warming and pollution and all the threats facing us. Leonardo DiCaprio fits the role perfectly and so does Jennifer Lawrence.

Make sure you watch all the way through the ending (spoilers ahead). The ending to “Don’t Look Up” actually gave me relief because there always ends up being a hero, but this showed realism to peoples idiotic choices. It needed to be shown on the film the consequences of one’s (many) actions.

Watching it through was not an easy task, the anxious feeling around it rubbed off. I can say the filming and editing of the project made it very enjoyable. It felt like it was all being filmed as the problem progressed. To the director Adam McKay, congratulations, I think you woke up the world before a new year.

Everything about the film was incredible from the cast to the plot. It’s truly a piece of art. It is brilliant, brutal satire. The stellar cast is impressive, including all the cameos.

This film cannot be another warning sign that we miss. I don’t think the planet cares if you “Look Up” or “Don’t Look Up,” just wake up and save the planet.

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