El Segundo High School

100 host towns welcome Special Olympics World Games athletes

Southern California is a community of love and inclusion. Thus, it is no surprise that as many as 100 cities throughout Southern California are busily planning to serve as host towns to the 7,000 Special Olympics athletes who are coming to L.A. from around the world this summer to compete. Olympics delegations from around the world will be treated to three fun-filled days of entertainment, and cultural exchange at their host town celebrations from July 21 to 24, immediately preceding the games which will take place from July 25 to Aug. 2.

At their host towns, delegations of athletes and coaches from around the world will be welcomed and celebrated. The schedule of events will include getting to know community members, taking part in cultural activities unique to each area, and dining with the community. For example, my town of El Segundo is a host town. We are holding events including a beach-bash at Dockweiler Beach, a tour and meal at the Lakers’ practice facilities, lunch provided by Jersey Mike’s hosted at the Car Museum, and many more celebrations throughout our town. We hope the Special Olympics athletes that we host will feel celebrated in our circle of inclusion, and I for one can not wait to make new friends from around the world!

So, a big shout out to the host towns, which include:

Thank you to the cities of Southern California for showing the world how we include those who are culturally and intellectually different than us, and welcome them into our lives. On this momentous week where the Supreme Court showed the world that our United States Constitution honors the rights of all citizens, we in Southern California are proud to show the world that we honor everyone and uphold a circle of inclusion.