El Segundo High School

American Idol finale red carpet report

Shaking with anxiety, I approach a place with as much commotion as a zoo. Where animals fight with each other over who gets the prey. However, these “animals” were reporters, and the desired “prey”, was to get an interview with one of the stars of “American Idol”. I was entering a jungle filled with lions and tigers, and I was just an ant.

Being the youngest reporter at the “American Idol” finale red carpet was surely amazing. I had to push my way through, and I had to be as confident as I could in order to get the interviews I wanted; as a teenager amongst a sea of adults, this was quiet an odyssey.

On my left was a reporter for “Access Hollywood”, and I observed what she did, since I knew it could help me know what to do. On my right was a slightly frightening camera man who was very boisterous. As a 5 foot 2 inch, 16-year-old girl, being next to a tall, amazing reporter, and a huge, frightening camera man showed me that I had to do something to stand out if I wanted my interview.

First, I saw Rayvon, smiling as always. He waved to me as he was directed the other way, but his exuberant personality was present, as always. Then, all the sudden I hear extremely loud music, and I turn around to a huge black car driving in, blasting a song. The car stops, and a total of seven people get out, each dressed uniquely. Everyone was eager to see who was in the car. The last person to step out was previous “American Idol” judge, Steven Tyler. He jumped out and danced around. He walked to the red carpet and waved to everyone, making jokes the whole time. The camera men were yelling for him to look a certain way, or do a certain pose, but, Steven ignored everything they said and did his own thing. He put his hand on his hip and pretended he was J Lo. He flipped his hair and popped his hip and it was hilarious. He did a few more weird poses, that I am sure were his original creations. Then, he left to get back in the car, waving to everyone. When he was in the car I yelled his name, and he looked right at me and did a peace sign.

Next, J Lo arrived. J Lo was wearing a beautiful Zuhair Murad dress that I absolutely fell in love with. In fact, I am going to find an exact replica (or maybe a cheaper version) of it for prom. It was all black and it had a train. There was lace throughout it, and she looked stunning. I got a video of her talking about Nick (which you can see here). Then, Keith Urban and his wife, Nicole Kidman, approached the red carpet. I am a huge Keith Urban fan, so every time I see him, I get extremely excited. He was in a tux, which was very nice to see since he is usually more on the casual side. I got a video of him talking about how he feels about next season (will be posted later). He was smiling and talking to everyone, and just emitting his wonderful personality. I also saw the Jacksons, New Kids on the Block, and many more stars.

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— Cece Jane