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Backstage at ‘American Idol’ with contestant Dalton Rapattoni

Dalton Rapattoni came to the carpet with a black blazer, with paint splatters all over it. Maybe he wore this to illuminate life’s paradoxes, or maybe it’s just what they had him wear- but, either way, it was a rad jacket.

A certain cast of the show have made Rapattoni’s “American Idol” experience special.

“One of the best parts of being on American Idol is the team. I’ve met some of the most amazing people who I’ve ever met in my life, working on this show. And, it’s all the people behind the scene, it’s not the people who you see on TV- we actually never get to talk to the judges, we only talk to them when we’re on stage. But, everyone that makes the show what it is, they are amazing. They’re all great people,” he said.

His thought of possibly being the last every American Idol winner never crossed his mind.

“It feels amazing. When I auditioned for the show, I thought I would just be on one or two episodes, but the fact that I made it this far absolutely blows my mind. To think that could even be a possibility, I can’t even comprehend it,” he said.

He was a bit hesitant answering his biggest competition question.

“We’re all in competition with each other and we’re all in competition with ourselves. We don’t get to see the numbers. I’m really good friends with all these people,” he said with a nervous laugh. “I don’t particularly like talking in that context about them.”

His advice to high school teens is to discover what you want to be.

“High school totally sucks. But, it’ll end. While you’re in high school, just try to figure out who you want to be, and who you’re going to be. Get good grades because colleges do pay attention to that.” Then, he interrupted himself to say, “Go to college! I didn’t, it was a bad idea. If you want to accomplish your dreams, just go do them. There’s not a certain mindset to have, you just go and do it.”

Damn Dalton, back at it again with the (blue) Nikes.