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Backstage at ‘American Idol’ with MacKenzie Bourg

Last night Top-4 “American Idol” contestant MacKenzie Bourg sang “I want you to want me” by Cheap Trick. Well Bourg, after spending a few minutes chatting with you, I must say you have done just that.

Bourg, 23, came to the carpet wearing a silver/metallic jacket, along with gold-rimmed glasses, and of course, his messy, but perfect hair, and big smile.

What has been his best part of American Idol thus far?

“The best part, I guess, is just the experience, and the exposure that the shows kinda’ gives us, you know? Before [the show], there weren’t too many people who really listened to my music and liked it, and so it’s cool now that there’s so many people who, you know, really are behind me and support me,” he said.

He chuckled a bit on the thought of possibly being the last American Idol contestant ever.

“It’s crazy to think about. You know, I still haven’t really wrapped my mind around that moment, but you know, it’s a one-in-four chance at this point.”

The hardest question of the night came down asking Bourg who’s his biggest competition on the show.

“I guess everybody really. Myself is probably the biggest competition.” Then he reflected on his journey and said that he is “just kinda finding the right things to do every week.”

The biggest advice he has for high school teens today base on his experience.

“Just kinda being myself, you know. Every round, up until this round, I’ve kinda done what I wanted to do, and been myself. So, you know, if you’re yourself I think that kinda comes through to, you know, the people watching.”

Lastly, as odd as this is to put into an article, I feel that I need to state what amazing teeth MacKenzie had. His teeth were the straightest, whitest teeth I have ever seen before. His smile was infectious. Next time, I am going to ask him what toothpaste he uses!

Best of luck MacKenzie, “you know.”