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Backstage at ‘American Idol’ with Sonika Vaid

Thursday night was Sonika Vaid’s last night on “American Idol,” but it is not the last of her, and it is definitely not the last of her career. Vaid was tearing up as she spoke to me, but her strength and confidence shone through.

I asked her what her absolute favorite part of being on American Idol was, and she said that it was finding out that she truly could push her limits– something that is hard to do and makes one exit their comfort zone.

At that moment I knew this was not the end for her.

“I’m definitely going to song write more,” she said. She is “extremely interested in pop, and hopes to work with Disney.”  The 20-year-old dressed in an adorable black dress with super cute black boots, looked the epitome of a Disney actress, so, let’s hope Disney hires Vaid as their next star!

Finally, I asked her what advice she had to the high school audience. She immediately said to stay true to yourself. She also said to value your friends and family because family is everything.  This was clearly evidenced by watching her elegant mom stand by with a nurturing eye as she walked through interviews.

After speaking with Vaid, I felt empowered. Although emotional at the end of her Idol journey, she inspired in me; I felt as though I could reach my dreams like she did. Vaid is incredibly talented, and it was an honor to speak with her.


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