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Backstage at ‘American Idol’ with top-4 contestant Trent Harmon

Before I begin writing about what it is like to speak to Trent Harmon, let me tell you, Harmon’s two performances this night on “American Idol” were amazing. I literally had goose-bumps as I watched him sing. So, I was really interested to meet the man behind such talent.

My first reaction was “this is a cool guy.” He had an easy presence, comfortable in his own skin, and really connected to me as a person as he spoke. His voice is smooth and engaging. Not to mention, a good note taker.

“I keep saying this, but I feel like every week, it couldn’t get better. Like, this is it, I can go home today and I’ll be good. But, every week it keeps getting better. I keep learning stuff, and I write everything down that everybody says to me. So, I make sure I take it back with me to learn post-show.”

Possibly being the last winner of Idol is just as relevant to him as winning the first one.

“It feels good. If you think of American Idol, you can’t help but to think of the first one, Kelly Clarkson, and you’re gonna think of the last one. That’s what is going to stay relevant in people’s minds for years- the first and the last. I feel like I can get the job done too, I know how to work, and I know how to work hard, and I feel like I could do a good job if that happens,” he said. “If that happens.”

Harmon probably has the most creative response of any of the contestants when asked who’s his biggest competition this season.

“Without giving you the most super cliché answer, myself, it’s not so much that. At this point, your biggest competition, if you really want to take it seriously, is right here,” he said as he pointed to a small section on his neck. “We’re gonna go home this weekend, and you’re gonna want to talk to everybody, and you’re gonna want to scream and shout and be happy, then you’re gonna come back on Monday and have no voice! So, right now your voice is your real competition! It’s really what you have to take care of, but it’s really working against you because you don’t want it to crap out.”

Harmon wants teens to never give up their passion.

“I feel like so many of whomever is listening to this. Don’t quit that last year when you want to quit doing music. I was right there, I was like ‘man, I gotta get a regular job, I gotta quit doing music.’ And then I said, I’m gonna do it for one more year. I feel like so many of them quit! Stick it out that one more year! And look, I got to be on the top-four of American Idol, just because I stuck it out for one more year. So, don’t quit!” he said.

It was fitting that he was the last Idol top-four I spoke to last night because his words echoed in my head to npt quit on my dreams. Don’t quit on your dreams, embrace them and go get them,  just like Trent.IMG_3421