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‘Be Raha, Be Free’: Purchase with a purpose

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“I believe that each and every one of us can live and realize the dream life we always wanted to live for ourselves and the people around us. Each day is not only an opportunity, but a possibility if you implement parts of your dream.” – Raha


Living in Los Angeles fashion is a part of daily life. And so, I aspire to find unique, inspiring pieces that capture my aesthetic. One of my favorite new finds these days is the luxurious fashion and lifestyle label BRBF Infinity; “Be Raha, Be Free.”

BRBF Infinity can be found on the exclusively curated shop BluBond.com, which is part of BRBF Infinity. The BRBF brand and the online shop BluBond.com were created by founder, Raha Jamalian-Hershey, and the collection is designed to inspire you to dream with a line of ethically and sustainably handcrafted goods from around the world.

Prior to founding BRBF Infinity and BluBond, Jamalian-Hershey negotiated licensing agreements to market and promote brands such as the NHL, PGA, MLB, Ferrari, and NCAA. In addition, to remain on the forefront of the fashion industry, she has been working with and held internships at famous fashion houses such as Givenchy and Cerruti, Armani, Sheer Shirac and L’Oreal. After her work at these fashion houses, she began to design high-end couture clothing with her grandmother who was a couturier at Maison Dior in Tehran, Iran who relied heavily on the fashion experience, passion, ideas, and desires of Jamalian-Hershey.

These experiences inspired Jamalian-Hershey to create Blubond.com, where she showcases her brand BRBF Infinity – “Be Raha, Be Free,” a luxurious fashion label as her name means “free” in Farsi, her native tongue. Her collection is designed to inspire you to dream and find freedom.

In addition, BluBond.com features brands from a variety of up-and-coming designers. And, all are ethically and sustainably handcrafted goods from around the world. Designers featured in the BluBond shop include: Yoke, RAS, BRBF, Fento, Noise-Lab, Mistura, IMulholland, Indie Republic, Evleo, and more.

At BluBond.com you can find beautiful, luxurious fashion items, but what I find most inspirational is that with each and every purchase a portion of the proceeds go to charities worldwide; they call it “purchase with a purpose.” At the point of purchase, each shopper can see the charitable organization they’re supporting as well as the exact amount that will be donated. Charities that BRBF Infinity supports include Lupus LA, International Medical Corps, American Cancer Society, Delete Blood, Cause 4 Paws, Cancer/America, and It’s a Girls Thing.

You can find unique, fashionable pieces for women and men, give to charity, and find your inspiration such as the stylish BRBF John Wayne collection handmade infinity scarf with leather cuff designed by Jamalian-Hershey. There’s also the super cool rock candy ring by Indie Republic, or the Dream in Color tank dress by Love Nail Tree, which has a message that encourages dreaming in color and pursuing your wildest dreams. Or, better yet, I think I am inspired to pair the dress, scarf, and ring- after all this is LA, and fashion is a reflection of me!

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