El Segundo High School

‘Better Make Room’ from Michelle Obama helps students reach higher education goals

Better Make Room is an initiative of The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, as part of her domestic education agenda to see all American students achieving higher education, post high school.

#BetterMakeRoom is about creating a space for all the great things you’ll do next!  It’s about “staking a claim, forging a path and lighting the way for others just like you.” By signing up at the website you receive simple text messages to give you a supportive extra push to get important things done regarding applying to college, persisting, and in your career. Up Next sends you simple text messages that remind you to get important things done! It is like having a big sister, a mentor, someone who believes in you and wants to help you succeed.

When I signed up as a college junior the first message I got was about make a list of colleges to apply to with a link to a site where I can learn about, and compare, colleges.

The Obama administration is working to help teens like you and me to achieve all that we can as we transition from high school.  Education is the key to our future.  The Better Make Room platform is there to aid us on this journey.

To take part, it’s as simple as this:  Go to https://www.whatsupnext.us and Register.  Then you will start receiving inspirational messages to inspire you on your path to success!