El Segundo High School

Cameron Dallas talks about battling depression

Cameron Dallas has 7.3 million followers on Instagram, and garners more fans every day. Along with all this fame, though, comes difficulty. Dallas talked about this, and how he was able to come to peace within himself through his faith in God. He said that he woke up one day just feeling horrible, depressed, and down, so he went on Youtube to try to watch some funny videos to make himself feel better. However, this did not work, and he still felt very depressed. So, he went on Twitter to talk to his fans since they “always cheer me up,” but still he just could not shake it. Then, he went into the bathroom and put on some music. He said that a Chris Brown song came on, and that it really touched him. So, he went into the shower while listening to this song, and he just broke down and started crying and he felt incredibly depressed. He thought that there was no turning back. He had his hands over his eyes, and he pulled away and saw his bracelet that says “God has a plan” (which he was also wearing last night), and that it reminded him that God was in his life. In the video below, there is a short part of that story. Congratulations, Cameron, on finding your foundation in God.


Also, I interviewed Cameron to ask him for advice for high schoolers, and in the video below you can see his answer.