El Segundo High School

Candy Cane Lane opens in El Segundo

One of the highlights of living in El Segundo is the annual, 65-year-old tradition of Candy Cane Lane! So, get your gloves and hot chocolate ready, you’re going to be having a festive night.

This year starting on Dec. 12 at 7 p.m., the entire 1200 block of East Acacia Avenue transforms into Candy Cane Lane, and 26 houses on the block are decorated with a huge, array of Christmas cheer. The homes are lighted with trains, reindeer, giant characters, and music. Each house creates a different theme, combining to be a feast for the eyes, and a joyous experience. In addition, Santa comes to Candy Cane Lane from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. (weather permitting) through Dec. 23. Everything is glittering, and you will literally be able to feel the holiday spirit in the air.

Candy Cane Lane is a joyous occasion for residents of El Segundo. It caps off a week where we light the Christmas tree on Main Street, and Santa gives toys to all of the kids in town. It’s then followed by Santa in his Sleigh, driving through every street in town the following week. As he drives by, he will stop at the end of streets, so you can hop up and run outside to greet him. One of my favorite memories last year is studying for a chemistry test, hearing Christmas music, and running outside to see Santa Claus. I might have been the oldest kid to get excited, but it was still extremely fun. Finally, after all of these holiday festivities, Candy Cane Lane opens!

Each year on opening night, all of the kids in town (babies through high school kids, and “kids” who have graduated many years ago) go in groups to celebrate the Christmas season. Laughter mixes in the air with Christmas music, and all of a sudden you understand what the term “the magic of Christmas” means.

I remember my first Christmas in El Segundo. I moved here as a sixth grader, I was shy and nervous at a new school. And then December came about, and some kids from school asked me to join for opening night of Candy Cane Lane. It was the first time I felt like El Segundo was home, and it has been home ever since.  As we walked up and down Candy Cane Lane, there were so many smiling faces and kids saying hi to me, the new kid. Ever since I realized that Candy Cane Lane was part of what makes the community of El Segundo such a special small town in the midst of Los Angeles.

When I visited a few nights later with my family, I felt proud to be from GUNDO, and watching the joy and wonder on their faces. The pride in my hometown of El Segundo is magnified as I see Candy Cane Lane welcome visitors from all of over Los Angeles, sharing with mankind the joy of giving at Christmas time. I hope to see you there!


Note:  Candy Cane Lane is located at 1200 East Acacia, El Segundo, CA 90245.

Visitors are encouraged to donate canned food for needy families at the holidays.unnamed-1 unnamed-3