El Segundo High School

El Segundo High School ‘Eagle PRIDE’




Last year around this time, my entire high school came together to show our “GUNDO PRIDE.” Every student, faculty, and administrator at El Segundo High School (ESHS) worked as a team to create our Pride video, which can be found on our school website:  http://bit.ly/1DP5H9O

El Segundo is a small town of just 17,000 residents located on the coast, just south of Los Angeles International Airport. We are the kind of town where my classmate’s parents and even grandparents went to ESHS. We are the kind of town where everyone knows everyone, where kids still ride bikes to school, and where a Friday evening often sees the whole town walking over to the high school football game, decked out in blue and gold pride. It is a special place to live and attend school, and I guess that is why our spirit video is so uplifting- our pride shines through.

I guess I was feeling a bit nostalgic as another year is rapidly coming to a close. As I watched this video for the 100th time, my school spirit swelled and I realized that this type of pride is inspiring, and something to share. So, enjoy!

GUNDO PRIDE:  http://bit.ly/1DP5H9O