El Segundo High School

For President 2020

Kayne West, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Snooki, Dennis Rodman, Lindsey Lohan, Justin Beaver, Miley Cyrus, Johhny Manziel, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner… FOR PRESIDENT 2020.

That’s right folks, all bets are off and just anyone, who has notoriety, has a legitimate chance at running for President of the United States, as Donald Trump has proven. I was listening to a news program the other morning about how social media has made it such that the famous now have a better chance to win the bid for president than an educated, intellectual leader. If you are Instagram or Twitter famous, you might actually have a shot. That’s right, Snooki trumps a Kennedy; Ted Cruz of Princeton and Harvard, yup you have nothing on Paris Hilton.

I was dumbfounded after the previous election when Sara Palin ran for Vice President of the United States, and then she and her unmarried teen daughter who had a child out of wedlock (now two) starred in a reality TV show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska– a bastion of high quality television. I thought how can you embarrass America by running for the esteemed office of Vice President of the United States of America and then humiliate America by doing reality TV?

And then it got worse. Thank you Mr. Trump. The man with the most ridiculous hair, of reality TV fame The Apprentice being famous for telling America “You’re Fired,” is now a front runner for the Republican nomination. At least Donald Trump is educated, from the Ivy League’s University of Pennsylvania, and he is a self-made billionaire. What scares me though is that it is not his education or business acumen that has catapulted him, but rather his notoriety that came on the back of reality television. Reality television is what made this man famous, and thus held in high regard by the American people! To me, this is truly frightening. Twitter followers do not make a president. A president should be dignified, held to a higher standard, educated, smart, level-headed, polished and couth.

Speaking of level-headed, polished and couth… now Kanye West is announcing his intent to run for President of the United States in 2020.  This is the same man who showed up hammered at the MTV Video Music Awards and verbally assaulted a young Taylor Swift on national television.  Yes, he is a viable candidate for President in 2020.

This all makes me question our political election system, and if it is aligned with what the writers of the constitution originally intended? The Founding Fathers created a system whereby Congress and the president, are elected by the populous, and thereafter represent the populous by voting on behalf of the people because it was believed that the educated could better decide what is best for the general population. That is why we citizens each do not vote on every matter, our elected representatives are meant to do that. I just wonder if anyone anticipated that Trump would be the person in this position. Or for that matter, perhaps next time around, Charlie Sheen would be in the position of voting on behalf of us, the general population. After all he is “Winning” with “Tiger Blood.” Or imagine, Chris Brown as our president representing “We the People”- that is when he takes a break from breaking the law. But darn, Mr. Sheen and Mr. Brown both sure do have a lot of Twitter followers so the masses just might vote for them.

So I implore our nation of voters to consider the direction that social media is taking us as we elect our future leaders. Do we want to support unqualified but famous candidates, or do we want to vote for leaders who are in a position to lead our nation to sustain greatness? The vision of our future demands leaders. It is my belief that if the American populous can not be trusted to vote for a true leader, that the system must be modified so that this idiocy is stopped.  We must ask ourselves do we want someone as president who is more concerned with the stature of being president, or more concerned with what he or she would do for America as president?