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Giving Tuesday: mitigating homelessness in Los Angeles through Upward Bound House and Beachbody Partnership

Homelessness is Los Angeles continues to be a social issue that Angelinos must address. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority in its 2015 homeless census reports that residents in Los Angeles with homelessness has increased 12% in the past two years in Los Angeles County. Thus, as socially aware citizens, it comes to mind that we each must do our part to alleviate homelessness and provides shelter to our fellow citizens.

One such organization making a difference since 1997 is Santa Monica based Upward Bound House (UBH); “the mission of Upward Bound House is to eliminate homelessness among families with children in Los Angeles by providing housing, supportive services & advocacy. UBH has assisted more than 1,022 families, including over 1,900 children, transition from homelessness into permanent housing.”

So, it is with great excitement this week that on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1, Beachbody, a Santa Monica based fitness and nutrition company, announced that it will “donate $5 to Upward Bound House for every The Master’s Hammer and Chisel workout program that is purchased throughout the month of December, up to $500,000. This gift will go toward providing more than one hundred Santa Monica families, including approximately 250 children, with housing and services for an entire year.”

Beachbody, well-known for P90x, the 21-Day Fix, and Shakeoloy, among others, has launched The Master’s Hammer and Chisel strength training program, developed in collaboration with Autumn Calabrese from 21-Day Fix and Sagi Kalev from Body Beast. Beginning Dec. 2, throughout the month of December, when people purchase The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, they directly support Upward Bound House and thus help to mitigate homelessness.

Many of us just celebrated Thanksgiving with a home-cooked meal to fill our bellies, in the warmth of our home. Most of us are planning for our upcoming holiday celebrations with gifts, meals, and family gathered in our home. During this time, please take a moment to think of those thousands of fellow Angelenos, and many children, who have none of this to look forward to- they wish only for a warm, safe home for their family. And, if you are inclined to get-fit for all of your holiday celebrations, or as a New Year’s resolution, think about how you can achieve your goals through the Master Hammer and Chisel, while doing a small part in helping 100 Los Angeles based families find a place to call home.


For more information on Beachbody or to purchase The Master’s Hammer and Chisel workout, and thus donate $5 to Upward Bound House visit: TeamBeachbody.com


For more information on Upward Bound House visit: