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Did Caitlyn Jenner wonder how her decision would impact Kendall and Kylie?

It’s nice to meet you. Like the rest of the world, I have been captivated by your story. It is not often you see a male, gold medal Olympian, transition into a female, 65 years, six kids, and three heterosexual marriages later.

And I do think it is admirable that you are willing to share your journey with the world on a mission to be an advocate for public understanding and tolerance of transgender community concerns.  It is apparent that many people are captivated, some with pride in your courage, some with morbid curiosity.

But, because I am 16 and my sibling is 19, I have really thought about all of this from the view point of Kendall (19) and Kylie (17), your two youngest daughters.  Many teens see them as peers; teens relate to them, and thus I think many teens might think through your journey from the perspective of how it impacts the world’s two most notable teens.  I think my generation is really open-minded, I argue with my mom that she needs to get with the times, gay marriage is a right as I see it. But I worry, you know, for your teenage girls how your Caitlyn journey must affect them,… your Dad becomes a woman on a global stage, poses in lingerie in a major magazine, and truthfully seeks to be emulating what your older sisters represent in terms of glam-gals.  I would love my dad, Caitlyn, but I can’t help but think that this would be very confusing for me at 16, why does my 65-year-old parent want to change themself so fundamentally, to present themselves more in alignment with how I do, then how a father presents itself. Caitlyn, do you think this would be a struggle for me, when you weighed the pros and cons, did the pros for your mission outweigh the cons for me? Did you wonder about how your choices would impact me on my journey as I transition from young girl into a mature, stable adult, given such a jolt at this formidable age? No matter how much I love you and want to support you, isn’t it fair to say that this must shake me and my 19 year-old sibling to the core?

This is mostly an extended metaphor for other aspects of filial responsibilities, or lack of. I respect your amazing decision, and I know you will inspire the world around us. I believe you journey, being the famous person you are, will open up the eyes of many people. But what about me? Did you think about me? How this would affect me?

I would like to state that I do not disagree with any of your actions whatsoever, but, as a child who had her father make a drastic decision that changed her life, I want to honestly know, did you think of your kids? Thank you for this act of courage, I do believe it will make the world better. Maybe parents can learn from you, and how throughout all the changes you still are a good parent to your children (which I hope will be true.)