El Segundo High School

Miss Universe 2015: Live from the red carpet

This weekend, I had the absolute thrill of reporting for the Los Angeles Times High School Insider for the Miss Universe 2015 Red Carpet, held at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

The night before the event, I drove down the strip, marveling at the Las Vegas lights but I must say, the lights from the flash bulbs as the celebrities walked the red carpet were more powerful.

The photo-story attached here includes a variety of shots from the red carpet of the celebrities I had the pleasure of meeting, including, Steve Harvey, Joselyn Sanchez, Paulina Vega, Perez Hilton, Emmitt Smith, Niecy Nash, The Band Perry, Katherine Haik, Olivia Culpo, Charlie Puth, Lauren Giraldo, Ruba Wilson and Erin Brady.

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