El Segundo High School

Miss Universe 2015 red carpet: Lauren Giraldo

Laura Giraldo, social media guru, walked the red carpet in a black dress and a gold necklace. Her hair was straight and sleek, and she looked fabulous. When I introduced myself, she asked if I knew about Cici’s Pizza, since my name is Cece. She continued on to tell me that they put macaroni and cheese on pizza, and that it “changed her life.” So, I promised to try it.

I asked her what message she wants to send to the high schoolers watching tonight, and she replied, “It’s cool to look up to these girls, and look at their traits, and not aspire to be them, but to look for the good in them and aspire to have those traits as well.”


Next, I asked her what makes a girl beautiful. She smiled and said, “Being really confident not just in her appearance, but in her beliefs and passions, whether it’s something people agree with or not.” She said that she has done some things that people wonder why she does, but that it’s her life and she wanted to. “To me, it’s just that undeniable confidence and the feeling that this is me, like it or don’t, but that’s it!”

After discussing the magnificent pizza creation once again, I said goodbye. She was fun, eccentric, and beautiful.