El Segundo High School

My message: Please, have the dignity to focus on our nation’s issues

Dear future president,

This election I vote for the first time, having just turned 18. My message to both candidates is that I expect you to be better than this. The name calling, the slander, the allegations of criminal activity, and the downright crazy are just not acceptable to me as I think of casting a vote for the leader of our nation.

What America needs are candidates that focus on the issues– the economy, defense, the debt, immigration, education… and not on making the presidential election into a reality television show. This was the first time I watched a presidential debate with a real interest and understand of what the event means to the American voters in terms of educating them. I found it sad and was sick to my stomach that this is what the youth of America is learning about politics. Instead of learning the candidates’ positions on the issues that night, I learned that if I wanted to be a politician I have to answer questions with nothing that has to do with the importance issues that affect America, but instead with insults.

My message to the next president is to enact legislation that mitigate the farce that the presidential election process was in 2016 and return the dignity to the process of selecting our nations leader and commander in chief.


Cece Jane Stewart

El Segundo High School

El Segundo, Calif.